Mountain City Murder – A Hannah Scrabble Cozy Mystery

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Meet Hannah Scrabble, bullheaded farmer, entrepreneur, skating teacher, spy thriller author and town snoop. It’s 1978, before cellphones and personal computers. Hannah overhears a snippet of conversation in the park which sets her and her longsuffering suitor, Melvin Pearl, on the trail of a ruthless killer. To Hannah’s surprise, their search also points to an unsolved mystery from her own past. Hannah will do just about anything to solve a mystery. If only she could discover who holds the key to her heart.

Bonus – a special preview of “Thursday Mystery, a Hannah Scrabble Cozy Novelette.”

“Mountain City Murder” is also available in regular-print and large-print paperback editions. Below is a sample page from the LARGE PRINT edition. I’ve tried to follow guidelines from low vision groups such as this one:

Low Vision International

MCM Large Print Edition.

What makes a mystery a “cozy” mystery? Follow the link and find out!

Cozy Mystery Definition


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