Hannah Scrabble Mysteries

Three Hannah Scrabble Cozy E-Mysteries by Marty Donnellan
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Meet Hannah Scrabble, bullheaded farmer, entrepreneur, skating teacher, spy thriller author and town snoop. It’s 1978, before cellphones and personal computers. Hannah overhears a snippet of conversation in the park which sets her and her longsuffering suitor, Melvin Pearl, on the trail of a ruthless killer. To Hannah’s surprise, their search also points to an unsolved mystery from her own past. Hannah will do just about anything to solve a mystery. If only she could discover who holds the key to her heart.

Bonus – a special preview of “Thursday Mystery, a Hannah Scrabble Cozy Novelette.”

“Mountain City Murder” is also available exclusively on Amazon in both regular-print and large-print paperback editions.




It’s 1977 and Jimmy Carter is President. Hannah Scrabble has visited the Mountain City Public Library every Thursday for the past year. One Thursday she realizes another patron has been checking out the same book week after week, all year long. Hannah sets out to find out why, and in the process discovers a threat to the nation that only she can stop.

A shorter companion book to the “Hannah Scrabble Cozy Mysteries” series.



It’s 1974 in Mountain City, North Carolina. Watergate and Richard Nixon, no cell phones or personal computers, and car windows that hand-crank. Goat-loving typesetter, spy thriller author, and amateur sleuth Hannah Scrabble is taking photos of Dickson’s annual picnic for the company newsletter when a sudden storm causes the party tent to collapse on the guests inside. In the mayhem that follows she sees someone slipping out of the tent and running away. Later in the wreckage a body is discovered – none other than Sheldon Sharpe, Dickson’s new Chief Financial Officer and the man everyone loves to hate.

Who killed Mr. Sharpe? What accounted for the strange hold he had on William Dickson, the company’s founder and president? What’s in those pictures she took? Complicating things are a new man in Hannah’s life. When she takes her investigation to the next level, it starts costing her more than she bargained for.



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